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Video Game Design and Programming Concepts, 1st Edition

By: D. Michael Ploor
Copyright: 2020
Subject: Video Game Design
Video Game Design and Programming Concepts​ is a fun and easy text-software design guide combination that uses an activity-based integrated curriculum: game-theory reading with game-building application lessons. It supports cross-curriculum and STEM learning as students use math and science principles, in addition to language arts, social sciences, and applied technology knowledge, to develop their own games. No knowledge of programming or game design is needed. The curriculum is built around the Clickteam Fusion 2.5 game-design engine.
  • Activity-based, integrated curriculum: theory reading material with programming-application lessons.
  • Designed to fit into existing CTE curriculum to introduce programming to students in an engaging environment.
  • Fosters cross-curricular learning.
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Text 392 978-1-63563-827-1
This write-in text/software design guide uses an activity-based, integrated curriculum to introduce computer programming concepts.
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Bundle (Text + Online Text 6yr. Classroom Subscription, min. 15) 978-1-64564-014-1
All content from the print textbook is included with exact page reproductions to ensure that students do not miss any important information or illustrations. Navigation is easy with a linked table of contents, and the search function helps students to easily find information.
Online Instructor Resources, 1yr. Individual Subscription 978-1-63563-830-1
The Online Instructor Resources 1yr. Subscription provides 365 days of individual access to the classroom materials used most—all in one convenient location. This provides instructor access to the online textbook, instructor resources, answer keys, lesson plans, and game build solutions.
Online Instructor Resources, 6yr. Individual Subscription 978-1-63563-830-1
The Online Instructor Resources 6yr. Subscription provides 6 years of individual access to the classroom materials used most—all in one convenient location. This provides instructor access to the online textbook, instructor resources, answer keys, lesson plans, and game build solutions.
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Table of Contents
1. Game Design Vocabulary
2. Software Basics
3. Click Ball
4. Quality Assurance
5. Scene Construction
6. Iterative Design and the Scientific Method
7. Digital Art
8. Parent and Child Objects
9. Graphing Game Coordinates
10. Spawning
11. Software Ratings
12. Game Critique Exposition
13. Proof of Concept: Launching
14. Beta Build: Launching
15. Quality Assurance
16. Global Variables
17. Sensory Detection and Navigation
18. Challenges Using Variables
19. Two-Dimensional Game Art
20. Gravity and Ballistics
21. Game Mod: Particle Physics
22. Quality Assurance
23. Binary Numbering System
24. Project Management
25. Concept Documents
26. Construction Documents
27. Completion Documents
28. Capstone—Exhibition of Mastery
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About the Author(s)

D. Michael Ploor - is the author of the series of certification preparation guides. Mr. Ploor's students have achieved exceptional results with the certification preparation guides. His students collectively pass more than 500 industry certification exams each year without the need for other preparation materials. Mr. Ploor has demonstrated the strength of integrating the certification guides in a diverse mix of courses.

Mr. Ploor is also the author of three textbooks on the subject of video game design: Introduction to Video Game Design, Video Game Design Foundations, and Video Game Design Composition. He is a National Board Certified Teacher in Career and Technical Education and holds an MBA degree from the University of South Florida. He maintains professional teaching credentials in Business Education and Education Media Specialist.

Mr. Ploor is at the forefront of innovative teaching and curriculum. He developed STEM curriculum while serving as the lead teacher in the Career Academy of Computer Game Design at Middleton Magnet STEM High School. Mr. Ploor has applied his skills as a STEM Curriculum Integration Specialist in designing innovative curriculum and by collaborating to construct the state standards for video game design in several states. He has also been instrumental in authoring competitive events for Career and Technical Student Organizations such as the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and Phi Beta Lambda (PBL).

In addition to publishing textbooks and lessons, Mr. Ploor provides professional development as a frequent presenter at regional and national conferences to promote CTE education and video game design curriculum.