G-W believes in the power of CTE. We collaborate with student organizations, professional associations, accreditation programs, and certification providers to support CTE students, educators, and the industry as a whole.


Goodheart-Willcox strongly believes in the mission of helping students build careers and provides the resources that prepare them for success―in the classroom, in their Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs), and beyond. In addition, G-W actively supports student organizations by sponsoring awards for the outstanding teachers, supervisors, and chapter advisors that lead these organizations.


As the Experts in Career and Technical Education, G-W has developed important relationships with key CTE organizations over the years and has an ongoing presence at conferences and industry events. These partnerships ensure that educators—and students—have effective curriculum materials and career resources. G-W's sponsorship of outstanding educator awards recognizes the leaders in CTE and celebrates the success of top programs.


G-W supports leading industry accreditation programs by correlating its titles to their standards. Accreditation standards are created in conjunction with industry and subject-matter experts to match real-world job skills and marketplace demands.


Industry-recognized certifications give students an edge by offering proof of skills, increasing student marketability, and providing college credit in some cases. G-W correlates its titles to certification standards, building a foundation of knowledge and preparing students for certification exams and, ultimately, for college and career.