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If you are a school district looking to purchase a Classroom Subscription, contact Customer Service at 800.323.0440. If you are a student, check your school’s bookstore for an Individual Access Key Code packet for your course content (your institution may require you to purchase at the bookstore). To purchase a standalone Online Text, Individual Subscription Instant Access and gain access now, follow the steps below.
You can purchase your online textbook directly via the www.g-w.com website.
Navigate to the textbook’s page on the www.g-w.com website and locate the Online Textbook product type.
Select the Add to Cart button in the Order Quantity column.
Proceed through checkout as usual.
Once you have completed your order, select the green button to sign up for an account and redeem your access key code.
Note: if you already have an account on G-W Online Textbooks, please log into your account in a new tab before selecting the green button on the completed order page. This will ensure you redeem your new Online Textbook with your existing bookshelf.
For information about accessing your purchased textbook, see "How do I find my purchased textbook?"

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