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If you are interested in purchasing a Classroom Subscription, contact Customer Service at 800.323.0440. School bookstores may sell Student Access Key Code Packets. These packets contain an Access Key Code that will activate a one-year Individual Subscription to that textbook. To purchase an Individual Subscription and gain access now, follow the steps below.
Use any of the available browse or search features to locate the textbook you'd like to purchase. For more information, see How do I search for a textbook?
From the textbook's product page (Table of Contents), select the Add to cart button.
Review the purchase information and select Checkout to continue with your purchase.
Enter all of the necessary information into the fields and select Verify Information.
Review the details of your order and payment. If you need to edit any information, select Revise purchase details. If all of the information is correct and you would like to proceed with your order, select Complete Purchase.
Upon completion of your purchase, your receipt will display in the browser window.
Please note: your receipt will be displayed in USD. If purchasing from outside the U.S., the charges on your statement may appear different. Please contact your credit card company or bank to verify any charges for any out-of-country purchases.
For information about accessing your purchased textbook, see How do I find my purchased textbook?

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