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Ensure that your students have the knowledge and skills that lead to healthy choices.

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Comprehensive Health and Essential Health are the most up-to-date high school health resources available. In addition to standard health topics, such as sleep, hazardous substances, diet, and physical activity, these titles also cover new nutrition information, opioid use, human trafficking, and so much more. Using a skills-based approach with classroom-tested activities, these texts engage students and make health relevant to their lives.

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Aligns with the National Health Education Standards

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Comprehensive Health product information

Aligns with the National Health Education Standards and the National Sexuality Education Standards

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Engage Students with Rich Learning Experiences

Enhance Learning with Skills-Based Activities
Comprehensive Health and Essential Health contain an abundance of classroom-tested activities, developed by high school health teachers. In fact, there are more than 300 activities to choose from, including: Warm-Up Activities at the beginning of every lesson; Case Studies with critical-thinking questions; and Real World Health activities at the end of every lesson.

Reinforce Concepts with Student Workbooks
Workbooks help students master important health and wellness content. These workbooks contain more than 200 pages of creative activities that strengthen literacy skills as well as knowledge of essential health concepts.

Expand Chapter Concepts on the Free Companion Website
Students can build core skills and improve comprehension with free access to the Companion Website, packed with vocabulary games, videos, animations, assessments, English/Spanish glossary, and e-flash cards.

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Online Learning Suite

Online Instructor Resources

Boost Productivity with Extensive Teaching Resources—Ready to Implement!

To save you time, G-W developed extensive and comprehensive support materials. The instructor resources provide an organized approach to the classroom with structured, up-to-date content. All materials needed to teach are available on one convenient online bookshelf for easy access. Instructor materials include:

  • Instructor's Edition with teaching strategies and answer keys
  • Lesson Plans that can be customized
  • PowerPoint® presentations with questions, activities, and videos
  • ExamView® Assessment Suite with more than 1,500 questions in the test bank
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