Create a Lifetime of Healthy Behaviors

G-W offers a modern, comprehensive approach to middle school and high school health

Help Your Students Make the Right Choices

Across the nation, the emphasis on health education is increasing as more studies show that healthy students are better learners. Schools are implementing programs that address the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual dimensions of health and wellness. Understanding the need for contemporary health resources that address these dimensions, Goodheart-Willcox partnered with industry experts to develop up-to-date, authoritative materials for middle school and high school health.

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A Skills-Based Approach to Learning Key Health Topics

Using a skills-based approach that features hundreds of hands-on activities, standard health topics are covered at age-appropriate levels that are more relevant to students. The middle school texts cover topics, such as personal hygiene, fitness safety, first aid, family relationships, and more. The high school texts go in-depth into body image, nutrition, mental illness, drug abuse, and other important topics.

Encourage Healthy Living Today

Now is the time to update your middle school and high school health curriculum. Educating students to develop healthy behaviors and effective coping strategies today can improve their overall health and contribute to patterns of healthy behaviors that will extend into adulthood. Healthy students are also better learners—and better prepared for college and career.

Let's work together to link healthy living with student success!

Exercise icon
225 minutes
of PE per week is recommended for middle school and high school students. Emphasize the benefits of physical fitness.
Sleep icon
8.5–9.5 hours
of sleep is recommended for individuals between 12–18 years of age. Help students develop healthy sleeping patterns.
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20 percent
of individuals between 12–19 years of age are obese. Teach students mindful and nutritious eating.
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