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Preparing for Life and Career, 7th Edition

Preparing for Life and Career, 7th Edition
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By: Louise A. Liddell and Yvonne S. Gentzler, Ph.D.

ISBN: 978-1-60525-625-2
Format: Hardcover
Copyright: ©2013
Subject: FCS Comprehensive
Grade Level: 7-10
Retail Price: $93.28
School Price: $69.96


Preparing for Life and Career is a comprehensive text that gives students the tools they need to develop skills they can use throughout their lives and careers. Content is organized into 27 chapters presented as short, easy-to-read sections. New photos and charts stimulate interest in learning more. Each chapter contains several new features that reinforce life skills, academic skills, and “green living.” Interesting questions are posed throughout the text to encourage critical thinking and problem solving.

Preparing for Life and Career includes the following 8 units:
  • Unit 1, Your Development and Relationships, shows students how to build selfconcepts and become independent adults. Students also learn how to deal with family challenges and peer pressure.
  • Unit 2, Managing Your Life, introduces management and planning processes as well as decision-making skills. Students learn how to manage their resources— time, energy, money, technology—to achieve their goals. A new section addresses environmental responsibility.
  • Unit 3, Managing Your Career, provides content that helps students research careers and apply for jobs. They learn about the employability skills needed to be successful on the job.
  • Unit 4, Understanding Children and Parenting, helps students learn how to care for children and become responsible babysitters.
  • Unit 5, Your Health and Nutrition, focuses on staying fit and making healthful choices.
  • Unit 6, Preparing Meals and Dining Out, shows students how to plan and prepare nutritious meals based on MyPlate.
  • Unit 7, The Clothes You Wear, addresses proper clothing care. Students develop basic sewing skills they can use to sew easy designs and make wardrobe repairs.
  • Unit 8, Housing and Transportation, helps students learn universal design concepts to address housing needs for all ages. Information is also included to help you teach students how to buy and safely operate their first car.

Previous Edition
Building Life Skills, 6th Edition

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Your Development and Relationships
  1. Personal Development
  2. Your Family
  3. Your Friends
  4. Developing Communication Skills

Unit 2: Managing Your Life
  5. Getting Ready to Manage
  6. Manage Your Resources
  7. Being a Responsible Consumer

Unit 3: Managing Your Career
  8. Learning About Work
  9. Making Career Decisions
10. Getting the Job You Want
11. Preparing for Job Success

Unit 4: Understanding Children and Parenting
12. Taking Care of Children
13. The Business of Babysitting
14. Parenting
Unit 5: Your Health and Nutrition
15. Promoting Good Health
16. Nutrition and You
17. Meal Considerations
18. Buying and Storing Foods

Unit 6: Preparing Meals and Dining Out
19. Getting Ready to Cook
20. Preparing Foods
21. At the Table

Unit 7: The Clothes You Wear
22. Clothing Choices
23. Fibers, Fabrics, and Sewing Tools
24. Getting Ready to Sew
25. Caring for Clothes

Unit 8: Housing and Transportation
26. Your Personal Living Space
27. Transportation Options

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   PDF Broad Field Family and Consumer Sciences Pre-PAC (PDF, 153 KB)
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About Author(s)

Louise A. Liddell - Her career in family and consumer sciences includes 15 years of teaching high school in Tennessee. As Assistant Superintendent for a youth development center, she continued her work with teens. Louise's leadership roles in professional organizations include service at local, regional, state, and national levels. As president of the Tennessee Vocational Association, she received a Life Membership award in AVA for outstanding leadership. Louise is also the coauthor of the text Building Life Skills, as well as many magazine and newsletter articles. Louise has a bachelor's degree from the University of Georgia and a master's degree from Memphis State University. She is the author of Apparel: Design, Textiles & Construction and Preparing for Life and Career.

Yvonne S. Gentzler, Ph.D. - is an Associate Professor in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota. She has taught Family and Consumer Sciences courses in secondary and university settings. Her innovative approaches to instruction have captured the attention of audiences nationwide. Yvonne is a popular life skills authority for television, radio, and print media personnel. She has maintained an active record of leadership in professional organizations and has been the recipient of numerous teaching, service, and research awards. During her tenure as a secondary school educator, she led seven groups of students to achieve national recognition in Family and Consumer Sciences related projects.


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