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Welding Fundamentals, 5th Edition

Welding Fundamentals, 5th Edition
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By: William A. Bowditch, Kevin E. Bowditch, and Mark A. Bowditch

ISBN: 978-1-63126-328-6
Format: Hardcover
Copyright: ©2017
Subject: Welding
Grade Level: 9-14
Retail Price: $106.64
School Price: $79.98


Welding Fundamentals is designed to provide students with a strong understanding of the underlying theory and skills required for successful welding, with a strong emphasis on safety. It provides all of the information needed to help students develop proficiency with the most common welding processes (including GTAW, GMAW, FCAW, SMAW, and oxyfuel welding), thermal cutting, basic print reading and weld symbology, and joint design and fit up. The text also introduces students to weld inspection and testing.
  • Covers all of the key indicators for AWS SENSE Level-1 certification, so the book can be used in all courses leading to SENSE Level-1 certification.
  • The book is designed so that sections of the book can be taught in any order, making the book easily adaptable to any course.
  • The book is heavily illustrated with clear, well-lighted photos and engaging full-color illustrations to hold students' interest and help them learn.

Table of Contents

  1. Careers in Welding
  2. Safety in the Welding Shop
  3. Welding and Cutting Processes
  4. The Physics of Welding
  5. Math for Welding
  6. Math Applications for Welders
  7. Weld Joints and Positions
  8. Welding Symbols
  9. SMAW: Equipment and Supplies
10. SMAW: Equipment Assembly and Adjustment
11. SMAW: Electrodes
12. SMAW: Flat Welding Position
13. SMAW: Horizontal, Vertical, and Overhead Welding Positions
14. Surfacing
15. GMAW and FCAW: Equipment and Supplies
16. GMAW and FCAW: Equipment Assembly and Adjustment
17. GMAW and FCAW: Flat Welding Position
18. GMAW: Horizontal, Vertical, and Overhead Welding Positions
19. GTAW: Equipment and Supplies
20. GTAW: Equipment Assembly and Adjustment
21. GTAW: Flat Welding Position
22. GTAW: Horizontal, Vertical, and Overhead Welding Positions
23. Plasma Arc Cutting
24. Oxyfuel Gas Cutting and Welding: Equipment and Supplies
25. Oxyfuel Gas Cutting and Welding: Equipment Assembly and Adjustment
26. Oxyfuel Gas Cutting
27. Oxyfuel Gas Welding: Flat Welding Position
28. Oxyfuel Gas Welding: Horizontal, Vertical, and Overhead Welding Positions
29. Brazing and Braze Welding
30. Soldering
31. Resistance Welding: Equipment and Supplies
32. Resistance Welding: Procedures
33. Pipe and Tube Welding
34. Robotics in Welding
35. Special Welding and Cutting Processes
36. Inspecting and Testing Welds
37. Welder Certification

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AWS Correlation Chart
   PDF Guide for the Training of Welding Personnel: Level I - Entry Welder (PDF, 69 KB)
Precision Exams
   PDF Precision Exams Welding Technician Standards (PDF, 541 KB)
   PDF Welding I (PDF, 109 KB)
Welding Technician
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About Author(s)

William A. Bowditch - has an extensive teaching and welding background. He has been a teacher, department head, and supervisor of special needs and vocational programs. In addition to his formal college training in preparation for teaching, Bill has taken several specialized courses in industry, such as the Hobart Welding School and American Welding Society courses. He is a member of the Association for Career and Technical Education and a life member of the American Welding Society. As a coauthor of Modern Welding, he has guided this Goodheart-Willcox book through many revisions to keep it up to date and technically correct in order to maintain its value as an authoritative welding text. He is also a coauthor of Welding Fundamentals.

Kevin E. Bowditch - is a welding engineer specialist for Subaru of Indiana Automotive Inc. His welding experience includes working for two automotive firms, two aerospace firms, a construction company (building nuclear plants), and a precision sheet metal firm. While working for one aerospace firm, Kevin designed resistance welding and soldering equipment, special equipment for custom applications, and worked to develop correct welding and soldering schedules for customers. He has a Bachelor's degree in welding engineering from The Ohio State University and has attended specialized conferences and courses sponsored by the American Welding Society, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and American National Standards Institute. Kevin joined his father as a coauthor of Modern Welding, beginning with the 1984 edition, and has been a coauthor of Welding Fundamentals since its first edition was published in 1991.

Mark A. Bowditch - joined the Bowditch team of welding authors in 1998, when he co-authored Oxyfuel Gas Welding with his brother Kevin. He has more than ten years' experience as an educator, holds both bachelor's and master's degrees, and has taken classes at the Hobart Welding School and the University of Hawaii's HCC welding program. He is a co-author of Modern Welding and Welding Fundamentals with his brother and father.


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Lab Workbook 314 978-1-63126-329-3 $33.28$24.96
Bundle (Text + Lab Workbook) 978-1-63126-330-9 $132.92$99.69
* Instructor's Resource CD 978-1-63126-338-5 $266.64$199.98*
* ExamView® Assessment Suite CD 2019 test questions 978-1-63126-339-2 $248.00$186.00*
* Instructor's Presentations for PowerPoint® CD, Individual License over 1100 slides 978-1-63126-340-8 $244.00$183.00*
* Online Instructor Resources, 1yr. Individual Access Key Code 978-1-63126-676-8 $128.00$96.00*
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