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Electricity / Electronics

Programmable Logic Controllers: Hardware and Programming, 4th Edition By: Max Rabiee
ISBN: 978-1-63126-932-5
Copyright: © 2018
Grade Level: 13-14

Programmable Logic Controllers: Hardware and Programming provides an introduction to PLCs and their applications in process and industrial control systems. The text begins with basic hardware and programming concepts a... <more>
Electricity and Basic Electronics, 8th Edition By: Stephen R. Matt
ISBN: 978-1-60525-953-6
Copyright: © 2013
Grade Level: 9-14

Electricity and Basic Electronics is an introductory text that presents basic theories and fundamentals in a learner-friendly manner. Topics, which span from the sources of energy and Ohm's Law to diodes, circuits, and switches,... <more>
Electricity & Electronics, 10th Edition By: Howard H. Gerrish, William E. Dugger Jr., Richard M. Roberts
ISBN: 978-1-59070-883-5
Copyright: © 2009
Grade Level: 9-14

Electricity & Electronics presents solid, up-to-date information on the fundamentals of electricity and electronics. The dual approach of this text teaches principles and theory accompanied by hands-on learning. Text content... <more>
Programmable Logic Controllers: Hardware and Programming, 3rd Edition By: Max Rabiee
ISBN: 978-1-60525-945-1
Copyright: © 2013
Grade Level: 13-14

Programmable Logic Controllers: Hardware and Programming is an introductory text that starts with basic concepts and progresses to system level applications. The hardware and architecture of PLCs, I/O devices, and moto... <more>
Electricity, 10th Edition By: Howard H. Gerrish, William E. Dugger Jr., Kenneth DeLucca
ISBN: 978-1-60525-041-0
Copyright: © 2009
Grade Level: 6-10

Electricity is ideal for use in introductory or short courses. This textbook familiarizes students with basic principles of electricity and their practical applications. Through easy-to-understand text, it provides information o... <more>
Electricity and Electronics DVD Series By: Films Media Group
Copyright: © 2006
Grade Level: 9-14

This ten-part series provides students with a comprehensive overview of electricity and electronics, from the basic principles of electricity, to the construction, operation, and troubleshooting of common electrical and electronic comp... <more>
Applied Electricity and Electronics By: Clair A. Bayne
ISBN: 978-1-56637-707-2
Copyright: © 2000
Grade Level: 9-14

Applied Electricity and Electronics balances theory and application in this practical, easy-to-follow text. It provides an understanding of electrical principles, multimeter and oscilloscope use, and soldering techniqu... <more>