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EduHub provides a solid base of knowledge and instruction for digital and blended classrooms. This easy-to-use learning hub delivers a complete set of resources that improve student retention and facilitate instructor efficiency.

For the student, EduHub offers an online collection of eBook content, interactive practice, and test preparation. Additionally, students have the ability to view and submit assessments, track personal performance, and view feedback. For the instructor, EduHub provides course management tools to deliver content, assessments, and feedback to students quickly and efficiently.

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Base your course on quality, standards-based content that meets current industry expectations and prepares your students for successful careers. As the Experts in Career and Technical Education, G-W partners with highly qualified authors, trade associations, licensure organizations, and reviewers to deliver trustworthy products at a fair price.

In addition, G-W accommodates all types of instructors and learners with a choice of print or digital resources—including the new G-W EduHub, online textbooks, and LMS-ready content in Common Cartridges®.

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A Turnkey Solution Ready for Implementation!

A comprehensive Instructor Resources package makes planning and organizing your course quick and easy. Use the lesson plans, answer keys, presentations for PowerPoint®, and assessments as is, or consider them a starting point and customize as you see fit. Best of all—Instructor Resources are free with qualified purchase!

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