FAQs › What are the system requirements for the G-W Online Textbooks platform?

The following are the minimum system requirements required to utilize the G-W Online Textbook platform.
Access: An Internet connection is required. Broadband cable, high-speed DSL, fiber-optic, or other equivalent is recommended.
Supported Browsers: Safari®, Firefox®, Internet Explorer®, Chrome®, or Edge®. Please use the most up to date version available. Cookies, JavaScript, and popups must be enabled for full site functionality.
- Apple: iPad®, iOS® 4.3.

- Android: Desktop experience functions best in Firefox for Android (free download via the Google Play store).

The G-W Online Textbook reading experience is compatible with all HTML-based browsers. In this capacity, G-W Online Textbook is compatible with Chromebooks and other tablets with HTML browsers.
Screen Resolution: Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher is recommended for best experience.
Adobe Reader: Adobe Reader is needed for viewing PDF downloads.
HTML5 Web browser or Adobe Flash Player: HTML5 Web browser or Adobe Flash Player is needed for activities, circuit simulations, videos, and animations.
Browser settings: Test your browser settings.
Some online products include additional materials and downloads in the resource tab. See How do I download my resources?

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