FAQs › How do I view Pretest and Posttest results?

Select a format to view.
From the main navigation at the top of the page, select Reports.
Select Class Report.
Use the drop-downs at the top of the page to select your School, Class, Assessment.
Alternatively, you may select the Pretest or Posttest from the My Assessments panel on the Home page. This will take you directly to the Class Report page for the selected activity.
The Class Report page will display the results for all students in the class.
To view some “at-a-glance” information about a student’s performance on the assessment, hover your mouse over a student’s score. Note: On a tablet/touch-screen device, you may touch the student’s score to see this information.
Select a student’s name to view their responses for this assessment.
The left-hand column displays the student’s responses. A green highlight and checkmark indicate a response was that marked correct. A red highlight and X indicate a response that was marked incorrect. The right-hand column displays the scores that were automatically calculated for each response.
If for some reason you need to modify the score for a response, place your cursor in the box containing the score. You may either type a new score (in 0.5 increments), or use the up and down arrows to modify the score.
After modifying the score, select the Update Scores button at the top of the right-hand column.
Select OK to confirm that the score was updated.
Select Back to Class Report to return to the report for this activity. From there, you may choose a different student whose results you would like to view.

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