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From the main navigation at the top of the page, select Reports.
Select Class Report.
Use the drop-downs at the top of the page to select your School, Class, and Assessment.
Alternatively, you may select the Lesson from the My Assessments panel on the Home page. The lower left corner of each activity will list the number of submissions that require scoring. This links directly to the Class Report for that activity.
The Class Report will display. An asterisk (*) next to a student’s name indicates that scoring is required for that student’s submission. Scores will display for any student whose lessons have been graded.
Select a student’s name to view their responses and rate their performance for this lesson.
The left-hand column displays the content of the lesson and the student’s responses. The right-hand column displays the rubric you will use to rate student performance as well as an area to add Feedback and Comments. As you scroll down the page, the rubric will remain visible so you can make comments as you go.
To view the rubric criteria, select the Info icon to the left of the rubric.
When you are finished reviewing the rubric criteria, click anywhere on the page to close it.
Select the rating you would like to assign for the student’s lesson.
If desired, select Instructor feedback from the drop-down menu.
Enter any specific comments you would like to provide to this student.
When you are finished rating the student and entering comments, select Save Score.
Select OK to confirm that the score was updated.
In the upper-right corner, select Back to Class Report to return to the report for this lesson. From there, you may choose a different student whose lesson you would like to view.

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