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Objective The purpose of this Getting Started with Hands-On Maintenance and Light Repair Walkthrough document is to familiarize yourself with the EduHub platform and using the Hands-On Maintenance and Light Repair content. This tutorial will walk you through the process of logging in, administering assignments, and grading assignments.
Log In and Access to HOMLR
  • Open your Web browser and type into the address bar.
  • Enter your Username and Password and select Login.
  • Select the Hands-On Maintenance and Light Repair book.
Assigning Content We recommend that you begin with Lesson 11 Tire Inspection Assignment located within Unit 2. The theory presented in this lesson is relatively simple, and all aspects of a typical lesson are included.
Select Unit 2: General Service Tasks.
Select Lesson 11 Tire Inspection.
Begin by assigning the Lesson 11 Pretest to your class.
From the Table of Contents, select the Lesson 11 Pretest link to preview the assessment.
To assign the Pretest, select the paper airplane icon from either the link on the Table of Contents (pictured above) or from the left-hand navigation of the preview window (pictured below).
Select the class and students to whom you would like the Pretest assigned. Select Next to continue.
Adjust the availability settings (date/time available and unavailable) as desired, then select Next.
Enter an assignment title and/or any additional instructions or notes (both optional). We suggest you include information about the due date in the notes section. Select Next to continue.
Confirm assignment details are correct and then select Assign.
The assignment is then pushed to your students based on the availability you scheduled.
Lesson content, Posttests, and/or Supplemental Posttest content is assigned in the same manner.
Grading Assignments Pretests are automatically graded for you! However, lessons do require manual scoring.
You will see completed Assignment data in the My Assessments sidebar on the Home page. Each assignment will display how many submissions require manual scoring.
Select [number] scoring required.
Students with an asterisk (*) next to their name have submitted an assignment that needs grading. Locate a student with an asterisk and select that student’s name.
The lesson they have completed and submitted is displayed on the left-hand side of the screen. The rubric we have provided for you is displayed on the right. Scroll through the assignment and determine how you would like to rate your student’s overall performance.
A scale based on the NATEF standards is displayed at the top of the rubric. This scale ranges from 0 for Incomplete to 4 for Mastered competency.
The Instructor feedback field is prepopulated with suggested feedback that you can use to respond to student work.
You can also add additional comments in the Comments area. Once you have completed providing feedback for this student’s lesson, select Save Score.
A notification will confirm that the score has been successfully updated. Select OK to close.
Select Back To Class Report to continue grading other students’ lessons.
Select the Reports area to view a variety of reports relative to classes or students and their assigned content.
  • The Class Report will show you a summary of all grades for your class for a specific assignment.
  • The Student Report will show you a summary of all grades for a specific student.

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