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G-W Teaching Video Series

By: Sharleen L. Kato, Ed.D.
ISBN: 978-1-61960-411-7
Format: DVD
Copyright: 2013
Subject: Teaching
Based upon the popular textbook, Teaching, this video series explores the path from choosing education as a career to assuming the role of a teacher and effectively managing a classroom. Titles in this video set includes, Introduction to Teaching and The Role of the Teacher, these videos are an effective way to supplement the information being taught in a teacher education class.
  • Real-world examples provided by expert educators reinforce important concepts
  • Key terminology is highlighted throughout the videos
  • Grouping via bullet points makes information easier to recall
  • Embedded questions present opportunities for in-class discussions
The G-W Teaching Video Series can be purchased individually on DVD, as a DVD Set, or online as a subscription.
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DVD Set Set of 2 978-1-61960-411-7
Introduction to Teaching DVD
For those preparing students for a future in teaching, Introduction to Teaching is an added tool for presenting an overview of the profession. Content in this DVD explores careers in teaching in addition to student development and the place of schools in society. Actual classroom footage provides students with an understanding of teaching from the educator's perspective.

The Profession
Is Teaching Right for You?
Starting Your Teaching Career
The Student
Understanding Human Development
Teaching and Middle Childhood
Teaching Adolescents and Teens
The School
History of American Education
Schools and Society

Role of the Teacher DVD
With Role of the Teacher, students gain an understanding of what it is like to be in charge of a classroom. Learning styles, lesson planning, and student management are explored. As a bonus, interviews with teachers are included in order to provide different perspectives on education and the classroom.

The Teacher
Keys to Effective Teaching
Teaching Diverse Learners
Methods and Planning
The Role of Technology
Classroom Management
Conclusion: Your Next Steps
Bonus Content: Full teacher interviews
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Teaching (0:38:07)
  • Is Teaching Right for You?
  • Preparing for Your Teaching Career
  • Understanding Human Development
  • Teaching and Middle Childhood
  • Teaching Adolescents
  • History of American Education
  • Schools and Society

2. The Role of the Teacher (0:36:20)
  • Characteristic of an Effective Teacher
  • Teaching Diverse Learners
  • Methods and Planning
  • Assessment
  • Classroom Management
  • Teaching and Technology
  • Next Steps

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Sample Video Clip
Preparing for Your Teaching Career (Sample Video Clip, 4:33 min.)
Sample Video Clip
Understanding Human Development (Sample Video Clip, 3:00 min.)
Sample Video Clip
The History of Schools in America (Sample Video Clip, 3:43 min.)
Sample Video Clip
Methods and Planning (Sample Video Clip, 2:51 min.)
About the Author(s)

Sharleen L. Kato, Ed.D. - loves teaching as well as learning. She is a professor at Seattle Pacific University where she encourages students to become creative and successful in their chosen career field. She believes that the mission of family and consumer sciences is the key to a myriad of meaningful and fulfilling careers. Dr. Kato has taught undergraduate students for over 25 years. She currently serves as the Family and Consumer Sciences Department Director. Dr. Kato holds a doctorate in education, a master’s in human ecology, and an undergraduate degree in home economics. She travels extensively spending at least two weeks each year serving in an orphanage, teen home, and prenatal clinic in the Philippines.