G-W Online Textbooks


Access: An Internet connection is required.

Supported Browsers: Current browsers work best (Google Chrome™ browser recommended; free download). Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled for full site functionality.

Optimal Screen Width: 1024px


Additional Requirements: The G-W Online Textbook reading experience is compatible with all HTML-based browsers. In this capacity, G-W Online Textbooks is compatible with Chromebooks, Kindle Fire, and/or other eReaders and tablets with HTML browsers. These devices and browsers are not directly supported.

Premium Textbooks and Interactive Textbook Content may have additional requirements.

HTML form fields activities are compatible with all HTML-based mobile browsers. Sufficient localStorage capacity required to store form field data locally on save. Some network or system security settings may block or disable this ability on Chromebooks or other devices.

Videos and Animations require Vimeo to be made available to students. For additional support, please contact Technical Support.

Data files may require a desktop computer with third-party software, such as word processing or spreadsheet software.

Additional requirements may apply: