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Successful Sewing, 7th Edition

By: Mary G. Westfall
Copyright: 2013
Subject: Clothing and Fashion
Successful Sewing is a write-in text that teaches apparel construction skills to both beginning and experienced sewing students. Teachers serve as facilitators as students use easy, step-by-step instructions to complete lessons at their own pace.
  • This text was created to be scalable so that students with different skill levels can be taught clothing construction while attending the same class period.
  • A lesson on charitable service projects provides students an opportunity to use their sewing skills to help others.
  • Content builds from basic sewing skills to project construction.
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Text 471 978-1-60525-997-0
Successful Sewing is a write-in text designed for use by beginning and experienced sewing students. A step-by-step, easy-to-follow format allows students to work at their own pace as they experience the fun, excitement, and creativity of sewing. The text teaches apparel construction skills and includes imaginative ideas for making sewing fun and profitable. New to this edition is a lesson on service-learning sewing activities that improve the lives of people in need.
Online Text, 1yr. Individual Subscription (Instant Access) 978-1-61960-430-8
Online Textbook. All content from the print textbook is included with exact page reproductions to ensure that students do not miss any important information or illustrations. Navigation is easy with a linked table of contents, and the search function helps students to easily find information.

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Online Text, 6yr. Classroom Subscription (min. 15) 978-1-61960-432-2
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  • Permission to print selected pages for offline reading
Bundle (Text + Online Text 6yr. Classroom Subscription, min. 15) 978-1-63126-204-3
Bundle includes a copy of the Student Textbook and Online Textbook, 6yr. Classroom Subscription. Minimum quantity of 15 must be purchased.
Instructor's CD 978-1-60525-998-7
This Instructor's CD contains the following items:
  • Introduction. An overview is provided to identify student text features and related instructor's material.
  • Units. Units 1 and 2 help students evaluate their sewing construction knowledge and plan a program of learning. Unit 3 contains lessons that teach construction basics. Units 4 and 5 help students diagnose their learning level and identify a project to promote further learning. Units 6 and 7 provide practice in constructing a project. Unit 8 provides tools for evaluating student projects, and Unit 9 contains additional enrichment experiences.
  • Lessons. There are a total of 29 lessons. For each, the instructor's material identifies Objectives, definitions of Words to Know, any supplies needed, and answers to Activity questions.

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Table of Contents
Unit 1: An Introductory Activity
Unit 2: Evaluating Your Knowledge and Planning Your Learning
Unit 3: Learning the Basics
1. Taking Body Measurements and Selecting Your Pattern Size
2. The Pattern Envelope
3. Making Fabric Choices
4. Fabric Preparation
5. Reading the Instruction Sheet
6. Pattern Symbols
7. Pattern Adjustments
8. Pattern Layout, Pinning, and Cutting
9. Transferring Pattern Symbols to the Fabric
10. Small Equipment and Notions
11. Operating the Sewing Machine
12. Pressing As You Sew
13. Staystitching
14. Seams
15. Clipping, Notching, Trimming, and Grading
16. Seam Finishes
17. Clean Finishing
18. Understitching
19. Easing and Gathering
20. Interfacing
21. Topstitching
22. Hand Stitching
23. Hemming Methods
Unit 4: Assessing Your Learning
Unit 5: Project Selection and Planning
Unit 6: Constructing the Project
24. Constructing Darts, Tucks, and Pleats
25. Constructing Seams
26. Constructing Pockets
27. Constructing Ties
28. Constructing Waistline Seams and Stays
29. Inserting Zippers
30. Constructing Placket Openings
31. Constructing Facings
32. Constructing Yokes
33. Constructing Collars
34. Constructing Lapels
35. Constructing Sleeves
36. Constructing Sleeve Openings
37. Constructing Cuffs
38. Constructing Shoulder Pads
39. Constructing Waistbands
40. Constructing Elastic Casings
41. Constructing Linings
42. Constructing Hems
43. Attaching Fasteners
Unit 7: Learning to Sew with Sergers
44. Operating the Serger Machine
45. Serger Construction Techniques
46. Constructing a Serged Project
Unit 8: Evaluating the Project
Unit 9: Additional Experiences
47. Applying Surface Designs
48. Quilting
49. Sewing Service Project
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Lesson 8 (PDF, 1.27 MB)
Lesson 25 (PDF, 1.01 MB)
Online Text, 6yr. Classroom Subscription (min. 15)
Lesson 8 (, Clothing and Fashion)
Lesson 25 (, Clothing and Fashion)