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Skills for Living, 9th Edition

Skills for Living, 9th Edition
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By: Frances Baynor Parnell

ISBN: 978-1-59070-668-8
Format: Hardcover
Copyright: ©2008
Subject: FCS Comprehensive
Grade Level: 8-12
Retail Price: $72.00
School Price: $54.00


Skills for Living has been completely redesigned and streamlined to help make your teaching more efficient! With over 450 photos and a bright new look, this comprehensive Family and Consumer Sciences text helps secondary level students meet the challenges of their daily lives with confidence. They will learn practical skills for making decisions at home, school, and in the workplace. Topics break down the chapter content, allowing you the flexibility to assign specific topics as needed. Added features are sure to generate student interest.
  • Each chapter opens with a list of careers related to the chapter material listed from entry-level jobs to those requiring a college degree, raising student awareness of career options.
  • The More You Know reports amplify chapter concepts.
  • Setting the Scene stories give students real-life scenarios to analyze and apply. Each is followed by discussion questions.
  • Pages titled career guide describe various career options, their preparation requirements, and personal qualities needed to succeed.

Previous Edition
Skills for Personal and Family Living, 8th Edition

Table of Contents

Part One: A Better You
  1. Understanding Yourself
  2. Your Health and Fitness
  3. Developing Your Interpersonal Skills

Part Two: Family and Community Relationships
  4. Understanding Families
  5. Strengthening Families
  6. Personal Relationships
  7. Considering Future Relationships
  8. Community Living Skills
  9. Job Readiness Skills

Part Three: Understanding Children
10. Meeting Childrens Developmental Needs
11. Caring for Children

Part Four: Nutrition and Food Preparation
12. Healthful Eating
13. Meal Management
14. Before You Cook
15. Buying, Storing, and Preparing Foods
16. Serving Food and Dining Out
Part Five: Managing in Todays World
17. Learning to Manage
18. Achieving Financial Strength
19. Consumer Decisions

Part Six: Meeting Your Clothing Needs
20. Choosing and Caring for Clothes
21. Fabrics, Patterns, and Sewing Equipment
22. Sewing Techniques

Part Seven: Meeting Your Housing Needs
23. Choosing a Place to Live
24. Applying Design in Your Home
25. A Safe and Healthful Environment

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   PDF Family and Consumer Sciences (PDF, 54 KB)
   PDF Family & Consumer Sciences, Grades 9-12 (PDF, 34 KB)
FACS Life Skills, Grades 9-12
   PDF Family & Consumer Sciences II, Grades 9-12 (PDF, 148 KB)
   PDF Family and Consumer Sciences (PDF, 66 KB)
Life Management
West Virginia
   PDF LIFE (Learning for Independence, Family, and Employment), Grade 9 (PDF, 124 KB)
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About Author(s)

Frances Baynor Parnell - was a secondary family and consumer sciences teacher for 32 years and served as department chair. She is president of Natural and Family Resources, Inc., which provides opportunities to be involved in cultures around the world. She has conducted research and completed a project on work and family skills to supplement family and consumer sciences education programs in North Carolina. In addition to writing this text and its supplements, Frances coauthored the book Guarding Your Own Mental Health in a Fast-Paced World. She has written numerous articles for professional publications. She has conducted many workshops and given frequent presentations.

She has also contributed her expertise and leadership to a number of professional and civic organizations, which have earned state and national recognition in areas of environmental concerns.

During her years of teaching, Frances has received such awards as the North Carolina Home Economics Teacher of the Year, the Outstanding Educator Award (from East Carolina University, where she received her B.S. and M.S. degrees), and the Frances Hutchinson Teacher of the Year Award.


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