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Vocabulary and Assessment Activities
E-Flash Cards
The e-flash card activity offers a complete list of chapter vocabulary terms. This activity is designed to assist in both term-to-definition and definition-to-term associations.
E-Flash Cards Functionality
•Tap the e-flash card to flip between the term and definition.
• Navigate to the next e-flash card by selecting the Previous or Next buttons.
•Remove a card you no longer wish to study.
•View By—displays cards by term or definition.
•Term Audio—Enables/disables term audio if available.
•Shuffle—Randomly shuffles the order of the cards.
•Reset Card Stack—Replace removed cards and start over using all terms in their original order.
•Apply—Applies selected options to current e-flash card session.
Matching Activity
The matching activity offers a selection of chapter vocabulary terms in an interactive format, which is designed to help in term-to-definition association.
Matching Activity Functionality
In the text field, enter the letter of each term's corresponding definition. When finished, click the "Check Answers" button.
Vocabulary Game
The Vocabulary Game activity offers a selection of chapter terms designed to assist in definition to term association.
Vocabulary Game Functionality
Select an available point value box from the game grid. After reading the definition, select an appropriate answer from the list below the definition. Feedback will be provided depending on your selection.
Test activities offer a selection of assessment questions in an interactive format. The tests are based on key concepts from the chapter and provide an opportunity for self-assessment.
Pretest/ Posttest Functionality
•Select the answer that best reflects the current question.
•Select the Next arrow to advance to the next question.
•Upon completion of the test, select the Retry icon to try the test again.
Section Reviews
•The Section Reviews are extensions of the textbook's content. Fill in the form fields and select the desired e-mail options at the bottom of the form prior to sending.
•Select the Save button to save all of your responses. Please note that they will only be saved on the web browser and computer that you use when filling in the form fields.
•Select the Clear button to clear all of your responses from the form fields and delete all saved answers for the activity you are currently viewing.

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