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Select Advanced reports from the Settings block in the right-hand column.
The Dashboard gives an overview of your activity in the course over the past 30 days.
Select the arrow next to Dashboard to view other available reports.
Select the name of the report you would like to view.
The Activity Grades report shows your grades for activities within the course.
The Activity Views report shows the number of times you’ve viewed each activity in the course.
The Assignment Submission report shows all of your assignment submissions in the course.
The Forum Posts report shows all of the forums and the total number of posts and discussions you have contributed to those forums.
The Glossary Posts report shows all of the glossaries and the total number of posts that you have contributed to each. Note: This report only applies if your instructor has added a glossary to the course.
The Quiz Submissions report shows your attempts for each quiz in the course. It displays both the grade for each attempt as well as the final grade for the quiz.
The Recent Activity report shows your actions within the course that the system will report to your instructor. This provides you with a good idea of what you have been doing and what your teacher will see of your actions.
The SCORMs Report provides you with a look at all the SCORM packages in the course along with information about each attempt you have made. It will display your grade, time spent in the activity, and last access.
For each report, there will be a variety of filters. You may adjust these filters to view more specific information.

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