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How do I grade an Assignment?

Keywords: Activity, Assignment, File, Grade, Instructor, Upload

How do I grade a Quiz?

Keywords: Activity, Grade, Instructor, Quiz, Text editor

How do I set a pass/fail grade for a Gradebook item?

Keywords: Grade, Gradebook, Grader Report, Instructor

How do I export students' grades from the Gradebook?

Keywords: Export, Grade, Gradebook, Instructor, Microsoft Excel, Rollover, School year, Student

How do I print students' grades?

Keywords: Grade, Gradebook, Instructor, Rollover, School year, Student

What is a Feedback file?

Keywords: Activity, Advanced upload, Assignment, Feedback, File, Grade, Instructor, Response file, Upload

What aggregation methods are available for use within the Gradebook?

Keywords: Category, Grade, Gradebook, Item, Mean, Median, Mode, Sum, Weight

How do I weight categories or grade items within the Gradebook?

Keywords: Category, Grade, Gradebook, Item, Mean, Weight

How do I regrade a test/quiz after editing a question?

Keywords: Activity, Grade, Quiz, Test

How do I create a Glossary activity?

Keywords: Activity, Definition, Glossary, Grade, Instructor, Term

How do I grade a Glossary entry?

Keywords: Entry, Glossary, Grade, Gradebook, Instructor

How do I send a message to students achieving scores within a specific grade range?

Keywords: Communication, Grade, Gradebook, Instructor, Message

How do I grade an Advanced Forum?

Keywords: Activity, Forum, Grade, Instructor

How do I use the Grade history view of the Gradebook?

Keywords: Grade, Gradebook, History, Instructor, Reports

How do I view all the grades for a single grade item?

Keywords: Grade, Gradebook, Instructor, Single view


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