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FAQ list > How do I optimize my browser for the best G-W Online experience?

To maximize your browser window space, we advise that you disable or remove all miscellaneous toolbars from your web browser.
To do this, right-click on the menu bar area of your browser window.
Select the checked menu options to hide the menus.
Repeat as necessary until all toolbars are hidden.
If you would like to restore these toolbars at any time, right-click on the menu bar area of your browser window and re-select the unchecked menu options.
If you need additional space, you can hide the Windows taskbar. To do this, right-click on your desktop and select Personalize.
Select the Taskbar and Start Menu option.
Select the Auto-hide the taskbar option.
Select OK.
Your taskbar will now appear hidden. The taskbar will appear when you move your mouse down to the bottom of your screen.

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