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Select the Advanced grader link in the settings block in the right-hand column.
Navigate between activities and students with the left and right arrows or the drop-down menus in the upper-right corner.
The student’s forum posts and replies with display in the left frame. If a student replied to a post, the parent post will display in the window to provide context for grading.
Enter a grade in the Grade text field in the right frame.
If desired, provide Overall feedback in the provided text field.
Select Save grade to record the student’s grade in the gradebook.
Select Save grade and next to both record the student's grade in the gradebook and move to the next student who has posted to the forum.
The Activity comments section in the lower right corner is available for both students and instructors to add comments, creating a space for conversation about the activity. Comments can be made before or after the forum has been graded. Please note that there is no notification to students or instructors when an activity comment has been posted.

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