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FAQ list > How do I edit a quiz question?

Select the blue triangle to the left of the Question Bank link in the Settings block in the right-hand column.
Select the Questions link.
From the Select a Category drop-down, select the question category that contains the question you would like to edit.
Locate the question you would like to edit. If you do not know the question name, each question has a Preview button associated with it that you can select to view a preview of the question.
Once you have located the question, select the Edit icon.
If you would like your edited question to be saved as a new question while leaving the original question as-is, select the Duplicate icon.
Edit the question and answer as desired within the fields on the page.
When you have finished editing the question as desired, select Save Changes.
Note: If the question you are editing is deployed in a test or quiz, the question will appear in its edited form within the test or quiz.

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