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G-W Online gives you the flexibility to edit and customize your course content.
Select Turn editing on in the upper-right corner.
Edit an activity or resource by selecting the Edit menu located to the right of the title.
The Edit Settings option will take you to the Settings page of the activity.
The Move right option allows you to tab in an activity in the Course Outline for easy organization of items.
The Show (closed eye) and Hide (open eye) options allow you to change the visibility of a resource or activity.
The Delete option will permanently remove the activity or resource, along with its associated student data.
The Personalized Learning Designer option allows you to add rules to the activity or resource.
The Move icon allows you to drag and drop the activity to a new location on the Course Outline.
The Edit title icon allows you to adjust the title of an activity directly from the Course Outline. For more information, see “How do I edit the name of a quiz?”
To highlight a topic to draw students' attention, select Edit in the upper right corner of the topic and then select Highlight. To remove the highlight, repeat this process a second time.
To show or hide an entire topic, select Edit in the upper right corner of the topic and then select Show topic or Hide topic.
To move an entire topic, use the Move icon in the upper left corner of that topic. Drag and drop the topic to its desired location in the Course Outline.

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