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The Quiz activity allows you to test your students on the material presented in the course.
Select Turn editing on in the upper-right corner.
Navigate to the section of the Course Outline where you want to add the Quiz.
Select the Add an activity or resource link.
Select Quiz from the left-hand column.
Select Add.
Enter a Name that is relevant to the content of the quiz.
Add a Description, if desired.
Adjust other settings as desired:
Within the Timing section you may choose Open and Close dates to specify a time period when the quiz will be available to students. (Note: You must first select the checkboxes to enable the selection of open and close dates.)
To set a time limit, select the Enable checkbox and enter the number of minutes in the Time limit field.
You can adjust the When time expires drop-down to force automatic submission of open attempts or to allow for a submission grace-period. (Note: this setting only affects quizzes with a close date.)
Adjust the Grade settings to select a gradebook location for the Quiz. Use the Attempts allowed drop-down to define the number of allowed attempts. Use the Grading method drop-down to determine how multiple attempts' scores are reported to the grade book. You may also set a specific grade students must achieve to pass this activity.
Adjust the Layout options to determine how many questions are on each page of the quiz before a New page is given and the Navigation method.
In the Question behavior section you can choose to Shuffle within questions (i.e. answer choices for a multiple choice question). You can also use the How questions behave drop-down to determine when and how to display feedback.
If desired, adjust the Review options to control what information students can see when they review a quiz attempt.
Adjust Display settings as desired. You can choose to Show the user's picture, determine the Decimal places in grades, and the Decimal places in question grades.
In the Extra restrictions on attempts section, you can enter a password in the Require password field that students must use to access the Quiz. You can also set a Require network address in order to restrict access to people in a certain location (i.e. students must be on campus to access the quiz).
If you would like to set a time delay between attempts, select the Enable box and enter the minutes desired in the Enforced delay between 1st and 2nd attempts. You can also set an Enforced delay between later attempts.
You can also adjust Browser security to Full screen pop-up with some JavaScript security. When this option is chosen, the quiz will appear in a full screen pop-up window that covers all other windows and restricts student navigation outside of the quiz.
If desired, adjust Overall feedback.
Select Save and display to view your Forum.
See “How do I add questions to a quiz?” for instructions on how to add questions to your quiz.

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