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The Questionnaire activity allows you create and conduct surveys to collect feedback from your students.
Select Turn editing on in the upper-right corner.
Navigate to the section of the Course Outline where you want to add the Questionnaire.
Select the Add an activity or resource link.
Select Questionnaire from the left-hand column.
Select Add.
Enter a Name that is relevant to the Questionnaire activity you will be posting.
Add a Description, if desired.
Adjust other settings as desired:
Within the Timing section you may choose Open and Close dates to specify a time period when the questionnaire will be available to students. (Note: You must first select the checkboxes to enable the selection of open and close dates.)
Within the Response options section, use the Type drop-down to select the number of times and/or frequency you want students to be able to fill out the Questionnaire.
Use the Respondent Type drop-down to determine if student names will be displayed.
The Students can view ALL responses drop-down lets you specify if and when students can see the responses of other students.
Selecting Never prohibits students from viewing the responses of other students.
Selecting After answering the questionnaire allows students to see all responses after answering a questionnaire. Note: this setting only applies to questionnaires with the respond once only type selected.
Selecting After the questionnaire is closed allows students to see all responses after the questionnaire's close date has passed.
Selecting Always allows students to always see all responses.
The Save/Resume answers setting allows students to save their answers to a questionnaire before submitting them. Students can leave the questionnaire unfinished and resume from the save point at a later date.
The Allow branching questions setting enables yes/no questions to have subsequent questions that depend on the answers given within the Questionnaire.
You may want to change the Auto numbering setting to No if you have allowed branching questions.
Use the Submission grade drop-down to select the point value associated with this activity. If you prefer this to be an ungraded activity, you can select No grade.
Select Save and display to view your Questionnaire.
See “How do I add questions to a Questionnaire activity?” for instructions on adding questions to a Questionnaire activity.

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