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The Glossary activity allows instructors (and students, if desired) to create and maintain a list of terms and definitions. A glossary can be created and updated by an instructor or it can be used as a graded item for students.
Select Turn editing on in the upper-right corner.
Navigate to the section of the Course Outline where you want to add the Glossary.
Select the Add an activity or resource link.
Select Glossary from the left-hand column.
Select Add.
Enter a Name that is relevant to the Glossary activity you are creating.
Use the text editor to write a Description of the activity.
Select the Display description on course page if you would like the assignment description to display on the Course Outline.
Use the Entries section to adjust settings for how entries will behave and if comments will be allowed.
Use the Appearance section to determine the look and feel of your Glossary.
Adjust the Grade settings to select a gradebook location for the Glossary entry. You may also set a specific grade students must achieve to pass this activity. Note: For Grade to pass setting to be available, you must adjust the Ratings setting to score Glossary entries for a grade (see next step).
Adjust Ratings if you would like to score Glossary entries for a grade. You can also restrict ratings to items within a particular date range.
Select Save and Display to view your Glossary.
See “How do I add a glossary entry?” for instructions on adding entries to a Glossary activity.

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