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The Folder resource allows you to add a multiple files to the Course Outline that are contained in one folder.
Select Turn editing on in the upper-right corner.
Navigate to the section of the Course Outline where you want to add the Folder.
Select the Add an activity or resource link.
Select Folder from the left-hand column.
Select Add.
Enter a Name that is relevant to the folder content.
Add a Description, if desired.
Drag and drop all files you would like to include in the folder into the space provided. Alternately, select the Add link. Select Browse. Navigate to the file and select Open. Select Upload this file. Repeat as necessary for all files you would like contained in the Folder. For more information, see “How do I use the file uploader?”
Use the Display folder contents drop-down to determine how contents of the folder will be displayed.
  • Selecting On a separate page will display a folder link on the Course Outline that will need to be selected to view the files contained in that folder.
  • Selecting Inline on a course page will display all files below the folder on the Course Outline.
Select Show sub-folders expanded to show the contents of all sub-folders expanded.
Select Save and return to course.

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