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The Certificate activity allows you create downloadable certificates for students. Certificates can be created for use upon course completion or upon completion of one or more activities or assignments.
Select Turn editing on in the upper-right corner.
Navigate to the section of the Course Outline where you want to add the Certificate.
Select the Add an activity or resource link.
Select Certificate from the left-hand column.
Select Add.
Enter a Certificate Name that is relevant to the Certificate you are creating.
If desired, you may use the text editor to enter an Introduction for the certificate. Students will see the introduction before they download the certificate.
Adjust the settings in the Issue Options section to adjust e-mail notifications, delivery method, and whether or not certificates are saved to the course. You may also set a minimum number of required minutes in the course.
Edit the settings in the Text Options section as desired. Click on the blue “i” icons to learn more about each setting.
Edit the settings in the Design Options section as desired. Click on the blue “i” icons to learn more about each setting.
Use the Restrict access section to specify a course grade (or other requirements) students must achieve in order to receive the certificate. For more information, see “How do I adjust Restrict access settings?”
Adjust other settings as desired. For more information, reference the following FAQs:
“How do I adjust Common module settings?”
“How do I adjust Activity completion settings?”
Select Save and display to view your activity.
To preview the certificate, select Get your certificate.
If you would like to make changes to the certificate, select Edit settings from the Settings block in the right-hand column. Adjust the settings as desired.

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