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FAQ list > How do I use Course Participation Reports to communicate with students?

Course participation reports may be used to send a bulk e-mail to students who match a certain criteria. For example, e-mailing all students who have not completed a test or exam.
Create a Course participation report based on your desired criteria. For more information, see “How do I use the Course participation report?”
After the Course participation report is generated, use the checkboxes in the Select column to select specific students.
You can also use the Select all ‘no’ button to select all the students who have not completed the activity searched upon.
From the With selected users drop-down, select Send a message to send an e-mail to the selected student(s).
Select OK.
Type the body of your message in the text editor.
When your message is complete, select the Preview button to see a preview of the message.
If you would like to edit your message, select the Update button.
If you are satisfied with your message, select Send message.

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