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All users should set their time zone to their local standard time to ensure proper delivery of time-sensitive tests, quizzes, and assignments.
Instructors: it is encouraged that you make sure your entire class has adjusted their accounts to the appropriate time zone before issuing any time-sensitive tests, quizzes, or assignments.
Access your profile by selecting Profile from the Navigation block.
Select the Edit profile link.
Select your Time zone from the drop-down menu (located approximately halfway down the page).
Select America/New_York if you live in the Eastern time zone.
Select America/Chicago if you live in the Central time zone.
Select America/Denver if you live in the Mountain time zone.
Select America/Los_Angeles if you live in the Pacific time zone.
If you're unsure of which time zone you live in, ask your instructor or locate your state on the map below. (Red is Pacific time; blue is Mountain time; green is Central time; yellow is Eastern time.)
Select Update Profile at the bottom of the page to save your time zone change.

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