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FAQ list > What are your best practices for enrolling in a course?

The suggestions below are our tips and best practices for enrolling in a G-W Online course.
  • Before you enroll, make sure you have purchased your key packet.
  • Find out the name of your class from your instructor to ensure that you enroll in the correct course.
  • Find out the course start date from your instructor. We recommend that you enroll one week before the course start date. Your key gives you access to the course for a specific time period. If you enroll too early, you may be unenrolled before the course ends.
  • Have your key packet with you when you begin the enrollment process. You will need to enter your key to enroll.
  • Do not miss the open enrollment period for your course. The average open enrollment period for a course is 6 weeks, with enrollment beginning two weeks before the course start date.

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