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Select the Appearance link to expand the section.
The options in this section will vary by resource type. You may need to select the Show more… link to display all options.
Use the Display section to change how the resource is accessed.
  • Open the resource in the current browser window.
  • In pop-up will open the resource within a pop-up window.
  • Force download will prompt the student to download the resource when selected.
  • Automatic allows the best display option for the file type to be selected automatically.
  • New window will open the resource in a new browser window.
Pop-up width and Pop-up height settings will only be available if the option to open the resource in a pop-up window is chosen. This setting determines the initial size of the resource pop-up window.
Show size will display the resource file size on the Course Outline.
Show type will display the type of file, such as “Word document,” beside the file on the Course Outline.
Show upload/modified date will display the date the item was last uploaded or modified.
Checking the Display resource name and Display resource description will display the name and description of the resource within the resource itself. (This option is not available for all resource types.)

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