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Modern Automotive Technology, 7th Edition

Modern Automotive Technology, 7th Edition
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By: James E. Duffy

ISBN: 978-1-59070-956-6
Format: Hardcover
Copyright: ©2009
Subject: Automotive
Grade Level: 9-14
Retail Price: $98.64
School Price: $73.98


Modern Automotive Technology details the construction, operation, diagnosis, service, and repair of late-model automobiles and light trucks. This comprehensive textbook uses a building-block approach that starts with the fundamental principles of system operation and progresses gradually to complex diagnostic and service procedures. Short sentences, concise definitions, and thousands of color illustrations help students learn quickly and easily. This text provides thorough coverage of the latest developments in the automotive field, including hybrid drive systems, computer network communication, and tire pressure monitoring systems. Organized around the eight ASE automobile test areas, Modern Automotive Technology is a valuable resource for students preparing for a career in automotive technology, as well as experienced technicians who are preparing for the ASE certification tests.

Previous Edition
Modern Automotive Technology, 6th Edition

Table of Contents

  1. The Automobile
  2. Automotive Careers and ASE Certification
  3. Basic Hand Tools
  4. Power Tools and Equipment
  5. The Auto Shop and Safety
  6. Automotive Measurement and Math
  7. Service Information and Work Orders
  8. Basic Electricity and Electronics
  9. Fasteners, Gaskets, Seals, and Sealants
10. Vehicle Maintenance, Fluid Service, and Recycling
11. Engine Fundamentals
12. Engine Design Classifications
13. Engine Top End Construction
14. Engine Bottom End Construction
15. Engine Front End Construction
16. Engine Size and Performance Measurements
17. Computer System Fundamentals
18. On-Board Diagnostics and Scan Tools
19. Computer System Service
20. Automotive Fuels, Gasoline and Diesel Combustion
21. Fuel Tanks, Pumps, Lines, and Filters
22. Gasoline Injection Fundamentals
23. Gasoline Injection Diagnosis and Repair
24. Carburetor Operation and Service
25. Diesel Injection Fundamentals
26. Diesel Injection Diagnosis, Service, and Repair
27. Exhaust Systems, Turbochargers, and Superchargers
28. Automotive Batteries
29. Battery Testing and Service
30. Starting System Fundamentals
31. Starting System Testing and Repair
32. Charging System Fundamentals
33. Charging System Diagnosis, Testing, and Repair
34. Ignition System Fundamentals
35. Ignition System Problems, Testing, and Repair
36. Lights, Instrumentation, Wipers, and Horns Operation and Service
37. Sound Systems and Power Accessories
38. Hybrid Drive System Operation and Repair
39. Cooling System Fundamentals
40. Cooling System Testing, Maintenance, and Repair
41. Lubrication System Fundamentals
42. Lubrication System Testing, Service, and Repair
43. Emission Control Systems
44. Emission Control System Testing, Service, and Repair
45. Engine Performance and Driveability
46. Advanced Diagnostics
47. Engine Tune-Up
48. Engine Mechanical Problems
49. Engine Removal, Disassembly, and Parts Cleaning
50. Engine Bottom End Service
51. Engine Top End Service
52. Engine Front End Service and Engine Installation
53. Clutch Fundamentals
54. Clutch Diagnosis and Repair
55. Manual Transmission Fundamentals
56. Manual Transmission Diagnosis and Repair
57. Automatic Transmission Fundamentals
58. Automatic Transmission Service
59. Drive Shafts and Transfer Cases
60. Drive Shaft and Transfer Case Diagnosis, Service, and Repair
61. Differential and Rear Drive Axle Fundamentals
62. Differential and Rear Drive Axle Diagnosis and Repair
63. Transaxle and Front Drive Axle Fundamentals
64. Transaxle and Front Drive Axle Diagnosis and Repair
65. Tire, Wheel, and Wheel Bearing Fundamentals
66. Tire, Wheel, and Wheel Bearing Service
67. Suspension System Fundamentals
68. Suspension System Diagnosis and Repair
69. Steering System Fundamentals
70. Steering System Diagnosis and Repair
71. Brake System Fundamentals
72. Brake System Diagnosis and Repair
73. Anti-Lock Brakes, Traction Control, and Stability Control
74. Wheel Alignment
75. Heating and Air Conditioning Fundamentals
76. Heating and Air Conditioning Service
77. Restraint Systems
78. Restraint System Service
79. Security and Navigation Systems, New and Future Technologies
80. Career Success

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Automotive Service Technology Courses, Grades 9-12
   PDF Foundations of Transportation and Logistics (PDF, 153 KB)
Automotive Technology, Grades 9-12
   PDF Automotive, Grades 9-12 (PDF, 219 KB)
   PDF Transportation Core (PDF, 229 KB)
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About Author(s)

James E. Duffy - has devoted much of his professional life to developing educational materials that help people understand vocational and technical subjects. Mr. Duffy earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology from Indiana State University. After college, Mr. Duffy worked as an automotive instructor at Brandon High School in Brandon, Florida, and at Hillsborough Adult Education Center in Tampa, Florida. After teaching for several years, Mr. Duffy joined Goodheart-Willcox Publisher as a technical editor and eventually began writing textbooks. In addition to Modern Automotive Technology, Mr. Duffy's books include Auto Electricity and Electronics, Auto Engine Repair, Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles, and Manual Drive Trains and Axles.


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Text 1613 978-1-59070-956-6 $98.64$73.98
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Online Text, 1yr. Individual Access Key Code 1613 978-1-61960-150-5 $49.32$36.99
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Bundle (Text + Online Text 6yr. Classroom Subscription, min. 15) 1613 978-1-60525-990-1 $130.64$97.98
Shop Manual 846 978-1-59070-959-7 $44.00$33.00
Workbook 532 978-1-59070-958-0 $26.64$19.98
* Instructor's Edition 1717 978-1-59070-957-3 $126.00$94.50*
Student Bundle 978-1-59070-962-7 $128.36$96.27
* Instructor's Manual 737 978-1-59070-963-4 $104.00$78.00*
* Instructor's Resource Binder 774 978-1-59070-964-1 $260.00$195.00*
* Instructor's Resource CD 978-1-59070-965-8 $260.00$195.00*
* ExamView® Assessment Suite CD 1920 questions 978-1-59070-966-5 $260.00$195.00*
* Instructor's Presentations for PowerPoint® CD, Individual License 5000 slides 978-1-59070-968-9 $260.00$195.00*
* Instructor's Presentations for PowerPoint® CD, Site License 5000 slides 978-1-59070-969-6 $780.00$585.00*
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