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Select a format to view.
To access your grades, select Reports from the main navigation at the top of the page.
Use the Class drop-down to select the class for which you would like to view grades. If you are in a single class, the Student Report will display for that class. Activities display in the order they were completed and/or assigned.
Activity/assignment names are listed in the Activity column.
Your grade for each is displayed in the Score column.
The date you completed the assignment is listed in the Date column.
Any assignments you have not submitted will not show any data in the Score and Date columns.
Any Lessons you have submitted that have not been graded by your instructor will show only a percent sign (%) in the Score column.
To view some “at-a-glance” information about your grade, hover your mouse over the score. Note: On a tablet/touch-screen device, you may touch the score to see this information.
Select the name of a completed Pretest or Posttest to review your responses and see which were correct and incorrect.
Answers you selected that are correct are highlighted green and indicated with a checkmark. Answers you selected that are incorrect are highlighted red and indicated with an x.
Select Back to Report to return to the Student Report.
Select the name of a completed Lesson to review your responses and view instructor feedback.
The lesson and your responses display on the left and your instructor’s rating and feedback display on the right.

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