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FAQs › How do I view the Class Report?

Select a format to view.
The Class Report displays the results for all students in a class for a selected activity. From the Class Report, you can view and/or grade student responses.
From the top of the Home page, select Reports.
Select Class Report.
Use the drop-downs at the top of the page to select your School, Class, and the name of the Assessment.
The Class Report page will display for all students in the class. Students’ names are listed alphabetically by last name in the Name column. Scores for the selected activity are displayed in the middle column. The date the activity was completed is listed in the Date column.
To view some “at-a-glance” information about a student’s performance on the activity, hover your mouse over a student’s score. Note: On a tablet/touch-screen device, you may touch the student’s score to see this information.
Select a student’s name to view and/or grade their responses for this assessment. Note: Pretests and Posttests are automatically graded and lessons require manual grading. For more information, see “How do I view Pretest and Posttest results?” and “How do I grade lessons?”
Select Question to view a break-down of how the entire class performed on each question. Note: This particular report will be most useful for Pretests and Posttests. It will not provide useful data for Lessons because questions are not graded individually.
For each question in the activity, the table will display a green Y for students who got the question correct and a red N for students that got the question incorrect. The bottom of each column displays the percentage of students that answered the question correctly.
The Print and Export features in the Class Report are currently in work and will be added soon.

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