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FAQs › How do I create an assignment while previewing content?

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For more information about previewing content, see “How do I preview content?”
While previewing content, select Assign in the left-hand navigation panel.
Adjust the settings on the Who page to determine to which class and students the activity is assigned. Select Next to continue to the next page.
Adjust the settings on the When page to determine when the activity will be available to students. Select Next to continue to the next page.
On the Notes page, add any additional information that you would like students to know about this activity. Select Next to continue to the next page. Note: If you adjusted the previous settings to make the assignment unavailable on particular date/time, please include that information in the Notes field so it will display to the students.
On the Confirm page, review your assignment settings. Select the Back button or any of the page names/icons on the left to go to and edit the settings on a previous page.
Select Assign to assign the activity to your students.

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