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You may change the settings of an assignment after it is made from the Assignments page. From main navigation at the top of the page, select Assignments.
If you teach multiple classes, you may locate assignments by class by selecting Find by Class. Then select your School and Class.
To view the assignments from a particular month, select Find by Date and then the desired Year and Month.
To locate assignments containing a specific word, select Search for Assignment and then enter the keyword in the Assignment Title to Search For field.
When you have found the assignment you would like to change, select the assignment.
From the Assignment Details panel, you can adjust the following assignment settings.
  1. Title: Change the assignment name that will display for students and in Reports.
  2. Available Date: Change the date the assignment becomes available to students.
  3. Unavailable Date: Change the date the assignment is no longer available to students.
  4. Assigned To: Choose which students it is assigned to.
  5. Roster: View students’ status in the assignment. Remove students from the assignment.

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