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Math for Automotive Technicians

Math for Automotive Technicians
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By: Luke D. Thompson, M.Ed.

ISBN: 978-1-63563-222-4
Format: Softcover
Copyright: ©2019
Subject: Automotive
Grade Level: 9-14
Retail Price: $66.64
School Price: $49.98


Math for Automotive Technicians is designed to help students learn and apply basic math skills. The first part of the text provides 12 lessons that develop a mastery of basic math skills in the context of automotive service. Coverage includes whole number operations, decimals, greater than/less than, tape measure fractions, conversion, graphs and tables, formulas, measurement, and comparing to specifications. The second part consists of 96 case studies that apply and extend the basic math skills with actual vehicle procedures, data, and specifications. For ease of integration with curricula based on the NATEF standards, the case studies are grouped into automotive service areas, such as chassis systems, engine mechanical, electrical, etc. Answers to odd-numbered practice problems are listed in the back of the text.
  • Units begin with Career Profiles based on interviews with practicing automotive technicians who explain how and why math is important to their work. The Career Profiles provide context and motivation for students and answer the question "why study math?"
  • Word problems use realistic automotive examples; case study practice problems are well illustrated and correlate to the NATEF tasks lists.
  • Word problems also reference Concern-Cause-Correction language, which integrates a diagnostic problem-solving model with mathematical problem-solving.
  • Math for Automotive Technicians is well suited for use as either the core text in a dedicated applied math course or as a supplemental text in an automotive technology program.

Table of Contents

Unit 1–Math Skill Lessons
Lesson 1–Addition
Lesson 2–Subtraction
Lesson 3–Multiplication
Lesson 4–Division
Lesson 5–Decimal Arithmetic
Lesson 6–Greater Than and Less Than
Lesson 7–Fractions
Lesson 8–Conversion
Lesson 9–Graphs and Tables
Lesson 10–Formulas
Lesson 11–Measurement
Lesson 12–Analyzing Specifications

Unit 2–Around the Shop
  1. Work Uniforms–Addition
  2. Shop Inventory–Subtraction
  3. Scrap Metal Pricing–Multiplication
  4. Paying for Professional Tools–Division
  5. Flat-Rate Labor Times–Decimal Arithmetic
  6. Customer Service Surveys–Greater Than and Less Than
  7. Hose Length Calculations–Fractions
  8. Fluid Volume–Conversion
  9. Workplace Productivity–Graphs and Tables
10. Wage Earnings–Formulas
11. Shop Equipment–Measurement
12. Vehicle Identification Number–Analyze Specifications

Unit 3–Vehicle Maintenance
13. Repair Orders–Addition
14. Timing Belt Service Intervals–Subtraction
15. Maintenance Parts–Multiplication
16. Brake Pad Life–Division
17. Analyzing Battery Voltage–Decimal Arithmetic
18. Pressure Sensor Data Analysis–Greater Than and Less Than
19. Tire Tread Depth–Fractions
20. Torque Values–Conversion
21. Coolant Freeze Levels–Graphs and Tables
22. Torque–Formulas
23. Tires and Wheels–Measurement
24. Engine Tune-up–Analyze Specifications

Unit 4–Chassis
25. Unsprung Weight–Addition
26. Service Intervals–Subtraction
27. Tire Size Aspect Ratio–Multiplication
28. Stopping Distance Factors–Division
29. Alignment Angles–Decimal Arithmetic
30. Analyzing Tires–Greater Than and Less Than
31. Ride Height Measurements–Fractions
32. Linear Measurement–Conversion
33. Brake Fluid Testing–Graphs and Tables
34. Tire Diameter–Formulas
35. Disc Brake Micrometer–Measurement
36. Brake System–Analyzing Specification

Unit 5–Engine Mechanical
37. Valve Overlap and Duration–Addition
38. Camshaft Lobe–Subtraction
39. Rocker Arm Ratio–Multiplication
40. Compression Ratio–Division
41. Engine Block Calculations–Decimal Arithmetic
42. Piston Bore Clearance–Greater Than and Less Than
43. Engine Parts–Fractions
44. Engine Size–Conversion
45. Cooling System–Graphs and Tables
46. Engine Power and Efficiency–Formulas
47. Cam and Crank Journal–Measurement
48. Cylinder Bore–Analyzing Specifications
Unit 6–Electrical
49. Voltage Drop–Addition
50. Reference Voltage–Subtraction
51. Ohms Law Part 1–Multiplication
52. Ohms Law Part 2–Division
53. Applying Ohms Law–Decimal Arithmetic
54. Wire Gage–Greater Than and Less Than
55. Wire Length–Fractions
56. Temperature–Conversion
57. Graphing Ohms Law–Graphs and Tables
58. Electrical Resistance–Formulas
59. Digital Multimeter–Measurement
60. Electrical System Specifications–Analyzing Specifications

Unit 7–Engine Performance
61. Electronic Throttle Controls–Addition
62. Mass Air Flow Calculation–Subtraction
63. Ignition Coil Voltage–Multiplication
64. Analyzing Compression Testing–Division
65. Fuel Trim–Decimal Arithmetic
66. Spark Plug Gap–Greater Than and Less Than
67. Fuel Tank Capacity–Fractions
68. Pressure–Conversions
69. Engine Sensors–Graphs and Tables
70. Lambda–Formulas
71. Vacuum Pressure Gauge Reading–Measurement
72. Module Pinout Diagrams–Analyzing Specifications

Unit 8–Driveline
73. Multi-Disc Clutch Adjustments–Addition
74. Driveline Angle Calculations–Subtraction
75. Gear Ratio Torque–Multiplication
76. Differential Gear Ratios–Division
77. Hydraulic Pressure–Decimal Arithmetic
78. Planetary Gear Set Ratios–Greater Than and Less Than
79. Gear Ratio–Fractions
80. Odometer Distance–Conversions
81. Transmission Shift Solenoid–Graphs and Tables
82. Driveline Speed–Formulas
83. Gear Backlash–Measurement
84. Differential Backlash–Analyzing Specifications

Unit 9–Air Conditioning and Hybrid Technology
85. Air Conditioning System Oil–Addition
86. Compressor Clutch Air Gap–Subtraction
87. Hybrid Vehicle High-Voltage Battery–Multiplication
88. Electric Car Speed and Acceleration–Division
89. Cooling System Boiling Point–Decimal Arithmetic
90. Hybrid Vehicle Payback–Greater Than and Less Than
91. Evaporator and Condenser Area–Fractions
92. Refrigerant Weight–Conversions
93. Air Conditioning System Pressures–Graphs and Tables
94. Miles per Gallon Equivalent–Formulas
95. Air Conditioning Gauge Readings–Measurement
96. Hybrid Electric Fuel Economy–Analyzing Specifications

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About Author(s)

Luke D. Thompson, M.Ed. - teaches automotive technology at Tahoma High School in Maple Valley, WA, where he achieved NATEF MLR accreditation for his program. He previously taught at NATEF-accredited high schools in Washington and Michigan. His unique automotive industry experience includes working as a prototype technician at Ford Motor Company's Research and Development Division. Mr. Thompson holds an A.A.S. in Automotive Technology from Henry Ford College, a B.S. from Detroit's Wayne State University in Secondary Career and Technical Education, and a M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on math and science from the University of Washington. He is a recipient of the ASE Industry Education Alliance "Outstanding Instructor Award" and holds various ASE certifications, including Master Certified Automobile Technician.


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