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Industrial Maintenance and Mechatronics

By: Shawn A. Ballee and Gary R. Shearer
ISBN: 978-1-63563-427-3
Format: Hardcover
Copyright: 2020
Subject: Manufacturing / Metals
Grade Level: 13-14
Available October 2018

Industrial Maintenance and Mechatronics
is a comprehensive, standards-based text that provides curriculum support for college-level Industrial Technology Maintenance (ITM) programs. The text carries the exclusive endorsement of NIMS and prepares students to earn up to nine of the nationally-recognized ITM credentials from NIMS.

Designed to work in conjunction with the Duties and Standards for Industrial Technology Maintenance, the standards-based learning package will help students pass the testing and performance requirements for NIMS credentialing and acquire the multidisciplinary, hands-on skills needed in today's advanced manufacturing industry.

The authors have purposefully designed the text to impart need-to-know information in an accessible style. It provides essential background theory and explains why ITM students need to know it. Special features include dedicated chapters on troubleshooting, plus Tech Tips and Safety Notes throughout the text, to prepare students for challenges they will encounter on the job.
  • The text consists of 41 chapters grouped into sections that correspond to the principal industrial technology disciplines, with a special focus on electrical systems and electronic controls.
  • Content includes multi-chapter sections on Maintenance Operations, Basic Mechanical Systems, Fluid Power, Electrical Systems, Electronic Control Systems, Process Control, Maintenance Welding, and Maintenance Piping, allowing the text to be used in multiple courses.
  • The development of safe working practices is encouraged by extensive safety coverage and numerous Safety Notes throughout the textbook.
  • NIMS Credentialing Preparation Questions are included at the end of each chapter, and the instructor resources include correlation charts for all nine NIMS Industrial Technology Maintenance credentials.
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Table of Contents

Maintenance Operations
1. Careers in Industrial Maintenance
2. Industrial Safety and OSHA
3. Maintenance Principles and Recordkeeping
4. Maintenance Tools
5. Fasteners
6. Print Reading
7. Basic Troubleshooting Principles
8. Mechanical Rigging and Installation
Basic Mechanical Systems
9. Power Transmission Principles
10. Bearings, Seals, and Lubrication
11. Shafts, Couplings, and Alignment
12. Belts and Pulleys, Chains and Sprockets, Gears and Gear Boxes
13. Conveyor Systems
14. Mechanical Systems Troubleshooting
Basic Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
15. Fluid Power Fundamentals
16. Hydraulic Systems
17. Pneumatic Systems
18. Advanced Fluid Power
Electrical Systems
19. Fundamentals of Electricity
20. Ohm's Law, Kirchhoff's Law, and the Power Equation
21. Electrical Test and Measurement Equipment
22. Alternating Current
23. Electrical Components and Circuit Materials
24. Transformers
25. Motors, Generators, and Alternators
26. Motor Controls
27. Industrial Wiring Diagrams and Practices
28. Electrical Troubleshooting
Electronic Control Systems
29. Diodes, Rectifiers, and Power Supplies
30. Transistors and Integrated Circuits
31. Sensors and Variable Frequency Drives
32. Programmable Logic Controllers
33. Human-Machine Interfaces
Process Control Systems
34. Industrial Process Control
35. Heating and Refrigeration
36. HVAC Electrical and PID
Maintenance Welding
37. Welding Safety, Equipment, and Processes
38. Maintenance Welding Procedures and Inspection
39. Cutting Procedures
Maintenance Piping
40. Piping Systems and Tooling
41. Connection Methods, Fittings, and Allowances
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About the Author(s)

Shawn A. Ballee - is Assistant Professor of Industrial Technology at Waubonsee Community College in Sugar Grove, IL, where he has taught since 1995. His teaching responsibilities have included classes in motor controls, PLCs, hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanical power transmission, power distribution, and mathematics. Formerly a US Navy nuclear technician and nuclear prototype instructor, he has extensive industry experience as a mechanical, electrical, and electronic maintenance technician for local manufacturers. Mr. Ballee holds a B.S. degree in Industrial Technology from Northern Illinois University and a M.Ed. in Post-Secondary Mathematics from Concordia University. Mr. Ballee is a member of the NIMS Advisory Council, and he has also served on MSSC's National Expert Panel.

Gary R. Shearer - is an Instructor of Industrial Electrical Maintenance at Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT), Murfreesboro. Since joining the faculty of TCAT, Mr. Shearer has taught a wide range of technical classes, including electricity, electronics, mechanical systems, machine tool, welding, process control, motor control, PLCs, robotics, HVAC, fluid power, industrial/residential wiring, electrical test equipment, troubleshooting, safety, and print reading. Previously, he worked as a senior test engineer for ReMedPar, a medical equipment and parts organization, and as an R&D engineer at Vanderbilt University's W. M. Keck Foundation Free Electron Laser Center. Intellectual property created by Mr. Shearer includes a U.S. patent and an extensive list of technical and scientific publications. He served as a member of the NIMS Technical Working Group that prepared the Industrial Technology Maintenance Duties and Standards and gained a deep understanding of the competencies desired by NIMS' industry partners.