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Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Handbook, 6th Edition

By: William H. Minnick and Mark A. Prosser
Copyright: 2013
Subject: Welding
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Handbook combines hundreds of full-color illustrations with easy-to-understand instructions. The text explains the features of the gas tungsten arc welding process and teaches the proper procedures for welding a variety of base metals in all positions.
  • Prepares students for taking the Written Knowledge and Workmanship Performance Tests for Module 7 of AWS SENSE Level 1–Entry Welder certification.
  • Includes specific procedures for welding many types of metals.
  • Easy-to-understand explanation of weld defects and corrective action.
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Text 320 978-1-60525-793-8
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Handbook combines hundreds of full-color illustrations with easy-to-understand instructions. The text explains the features of the gas tungsten arc welding process and teaches the proper procedures for welding a variety of base metals in all positions.
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  • Welding Schedules. Blank welding schedules in PDF format for various weld designs.

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Table of Contents
1. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding History and Safety
2. Power Sources
3. Auxiliary Equipment and Systems
4. GTAW Shielding Gases and Filler Metals
5. Weld Joints and Weld Types
6. Tooling
7. Weld Preparation and Equipment Setup
8. Manual Welding Techniques
9. Manual Welding of Aluminum
10. Manual Welding of Stainless Steels
11. Manual Welding of Magnesium
12. Manual Welding of Copper and Copper Alloys
13. Manual Welding of Nickel, Nickel Alloys, and Cobalt Alloys
14. Manual Welding of Titanium
15. Manual Welding of Dissimilar Metals
16. Manual Welding of Pipe
17. Semiautomatic and Automatic Welding
18. Weld Inspection and Repair
19. Qualification, Certification, and Employment
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Online Text, 1yr. Individual Subscription (Instant Access)
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About the Author(s)

William H. Minnick - realizing the need for a specialized type of welding text for instructors and students, drew on his many years of experience as a welder, welding engineer, and community college instructor to develop welding texts for training future welders. The author’s career in industry included experience welding on jet engines, missiles, pressure vessels, and nuclear reactors. He developed the welding procedures for, and welded, the first titanium pressure vessel for the Atlas missile program. He has written many technical papers, including articles on the research and development of procedures for welding exotic materials and on the modification of existing welding processes for automatic and robotic applications.

Mr. Minnick taught all phases of welding and metallurgy in community colleges for more than twenty years. He developed welding certificate and degree programs. In addition to this textbook, Mr. Minnick has authored the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Handbook, Gas Metal Arc Welding Handbook, and the Flux Cored Arc Welding Handbook.

Mark A. Prosser - grew up in Michigan and learned how to weld in his father's collision/restoration business. As a teenager, Mark attended a local vocational school and competed in SkillsUSA welding competitions, becoming one of the six finalists for the world competition in the early 1990s.

Mark earned his associate's degree in welding technology from Ferris State University. He then transferred to Central Michigan University, where he obtained his bachelor's degree in Industrial Education. Mark has also earned a Master's degree in Adult Education and is a CWI/CWE through the American Welding Society.

Mark has taught professionally for nine years in high schools, private colleges, and public technical colleges. He has worked in the automotive industry, done governmental contract work, and welded structural steel and high-pressure piping for the chemical industry. Mark is also the author of Full-Bore Sheet Metal, a sheet metal fabrication book for custom car and bike builders.

Mark is currently a welding/fabrication instructor at Blackhawk Technical College in Janesville, Wisconsin. In addition to writing and teaching, he runs a small custom paint business and welds every day. Mark continually strives to inspire young people to become excited about the welding trade.