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GameMaker 8.1 LITE for PC
GameMaker 8.1 LITE for Mac
GameMaker Sprites
For more information on installing the GameMaker Sprites, please refer to "Where are the sprites located for Game Maker?"
A demo of the 001 Game Maker software (used with Introduction to Video Game Design) is not available at this time.
001 Game Creator blank Platformer game and blank Action RPG Game
For more information on implementing these folders, please refer to “I am unable to create a new 001 Game Creator game or folder in Windows 10. Instead, I receive a Folder 46 error. How can I fix this?”
A demo of The Games Factory 2 software (used with Video Game Design Foundations) and Multimedia Fusion 2 (used with Video Game Design Composition) is available at the following location: http://www.clickteam.com/download-centre
The Games Factory 2 Military MFA File
For more information about installing these files, please refer to "What do I do if The Games Factory 2 software included with the Video Game Design Foundations Software Design Guide, ISBN: 978-1-60525-303-9, does not list the Military Library under the "Local Library/Games/Miscellaneous" folder?"
The Games Factory 2 patch for Windows Vista
For more information on this patch, please refer to "My license of The Games Factory 2 has expired. How do I renew?"

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