FAQs › How do I permanently add a question to my test bank?

Launch the ExamView Test Generator program. On the main What do you want to do? page, select Open an existing question bank.
Browse to find the question bank you want to add a question to and select Open.
Select the New button located at the bottom of the question bank window or press CTRL+N to add a new question.
Select the radio button that corresponds to the type of question (e.g., True/False, Multiple Choice, etc.) you would like to create.
Enter the new question, answer(s), and rationale (optional).
Select the Info button at the bottom of the question page to add any optional information (difficulty, learning objective, national standard, state standard, topic, keywords, notes, etc.) you would like to include.
Select the Record button to add the question to the question bank. The question will automatically be placed as the last question in the appropriate section.

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