FAQs › How do I locate the ExamView® v8.1 or later test banks on my computer after installation?

ExamView versions 8.1 and later follow industry software installation standards which are dependent on operating system types. ExamView v8.1 and later will install in one of the following paths. Additionally, previous versions of ExamView will remain installed, if already installed on your computer.
Windows XP®
C:\Program Files\eInstruction\ExamView\Banks
Windows Vista® or later:
C:\Program Files (x86)\eInstruction\ExamView\Banks
Mac OS® location:
Finder/Macintosh HD/Applications/einstruction/ExamView Pro/Banks
If you have previously installed ExamView test banks, you can move them to the new location. See How do I relocate ExamView test banks so all banks may be selected from the same location?
To modify the location ExamView automatically looks for test banks when you are creating a test, please refer to “How do I change my test bank location preferences within the ExamView® TestGenerator?”

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