FAQs › How do I insert graphics into a question?

ExamView Test Generator supports the following graphic formats: bitmap (.bmp), jpeg (.jpeg), TIFF (.tiff), and Macintosh PICT (.pct).
Note: The steps below may be used to add graphics to a test or question bank. Graphics added to an individual test will only be available on that test. Graphics added to a question bank will be available each time those questions are deployed in a test. Depending on where you want the graphic inserted, you may need to switch to either Question Bank Editor or Test Builder.
Open a test or question bank in ExamView Test Generator.
To switch to Question Bank Editor, select File, then Switch to Question Bank Editor from the main Test Generator menu.
To switch to Test Builder, select File, then Switch to Test Builder from the main Test Generator menu.
Highlight the question to which the graphic will be added.
Select the Edit button.
Select Insert from the main question editing menu bar.
Select Picture.
The Insert Picture window will appear.
Click the down arrow by the Look In box and browse to the location of the graphic to be inserted.
Select the graphic and click Open.
The graphic will appear in the question and can then be resized as needed.

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