FAQs › How do I configure the G-W External App in my Canvas LMS?

The information below describes how to properly configure the External App settings for Common Cartridge®/LTI® integrations within Canvas. These instructions can also be download as a PDF: Canvas External App Configuration Instructions
When a Common Cartridge® by G-W is imported into a course, an External App is automatically created in that course. Canvas will display a message about the security parameters of the external tool (which will be named "www.g-wonlinetextbooks.com").
As a best practice, we recommend configuring the External App on the site level instead of on a course-by-course basis. Follow the instructions below to remove the External App that was automatically added to the course and add it at the site level.
Within the course where the Common Cartridge® content resides, select the Settings link.
Select the Apps tab.
Select the View App Configurations button.
Locate the app named "www.g-wonlinetextbooks.com". Select the corresponding Settings (gear) icon and then select Delete.
Navigate to the Admin section of the Canvas site and select Settings.
Select the Apps tab.
Select the View App Configurations button.
Select the + App button.
Add/adjust the following items within the App settings.
  • Configuration Type: Manual
  • Name: Goodheart-Willcox Publisher
  • Consumer Key: Copy and paste the Key from G-W's provided integration PDF.
  • Shared Secret: Copy and paste the Secret from G-W's provided integration PDF.
  • Launch URL: Copy and paste the Tool Launch URL from G-W's provided integration PDF.
  • Domain: www.g-wonlinetextbooks.com
  • Privacy: Public
  • Custom Fields: Copy and paste the Custom Parameter from G-W's provided integration PDF.
  • Description: If desired, add a description about this App, such as "Use for Common Cartridge/LTI integrations with Goodheart-Willcox Publisher."
Select Submit to save the App.

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