FAQs › How can I modify the URL of an LTI® link to go to a specific page?

In order to modify the URL of an LTI® link, you must first know the URL (web address) of the page you would like to link to. Then, you will copy a portion of that URL and paste it in place of a portion of the preconfigured URL in the LTI® link.
Click on the LTI® link to go to the page it has been configured to open.
If the LTI® link opened in a new window, continue to the next step. If the LTI® link did not open in a new tab or window, right-click on either of the navigation arrows and select Open link in new tab.
Navigate to the page that you would like to link to. Copy the URL of the page and paste it somewhere you can manipulate it, such as a Word document or text file. The URL will look something like this:

Select and copy the portion of the URL containing the product title and the page number (as indicated in bold below). Note: The "page number" portion of the URL may not match the actual page number of the page you intend to link to.

Return to your course and navigate to the page where you can edit the settings of the LTI® link. The preconfigured URL of the LTI® link will look something like this:

Select and delete the portion of the URL immediately after "access/" (as indicated in bold below).

After deleting that part of the URL, paste the portion of the copied URL in its place. In this example, the new URL looks like this:

Save the settings and test the LTI® link to ensure that it links to the appropriate page.

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