FAQs › What do I do if The Games Factory 2 software included with the Video Game Design Foundations Software Design Guide, ISBN: 978-1-60525-303-9, does not list the Military Library under the "Local Library/Games/Miscellaneous" folder?

Download and extract the Military.mfa file from our All Video Game Design Software Downloads page. Save this file to your desktop. For instruction on how to extract a file from a zip archive, please see "How do I extract files from a .zip file format?"
Confirm The Games Factory 2 software is closed.
Move the Military.mfa file to The Games Factory 2 installation directory on your C:\ drive.
Default installation location:
C:\Program Files\The Games Factory 2\Lib\Objects\Games\Miscellaneous 2.
If your operating system is a 64-bit version, move the Military.mfa to the follow location.
Default installation location:
C:\Program Files (x86)\The Games Factory 2\Lib\Objects\Games\Miscellaneous 2.
Note: You may need Administrator privileges to perform this task, based on your User Account Control Settings.
Start The Games Factory 2 software and verify the Military.mfa library is in the correct folder on the Library Toolbar.
Note: Be sure to look in the Miscellaneous 2 branch of the tree (early printings of the Software Design Guide reference the Miscellaneous branch).
If the installation of the file download is unsuccessful in solving the problem, contact G-W Customer Service at 800.323.0440 or custserv@g-w.com for a replacement CD.

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