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FAQ list > How do I create and score an assignment in ExamView Test Manager?

Create a new test or open an existing test in ExamView Test Generator. For more information about creating a test, see How do I create tests?
Open ExamView Test Manager and select the New Assignment button. Or from the main Test Manager menu, select Assignment then select Create New Assignment.
Within the New Assignment window, enter the assignment name, ID, category, term, and date. Then, use the checkboxes to select the way(s) the test will be administered.
Select Next.
Locate and select the test you created.
Review the information, and then select Finish to complete the process.
If you chose to manually grade this assignment, follow these steps:
1. From the main ExamView menu, choose Assignment, then select Edit Scores.
2. Select a student.
3. Read their responses on the paper test, and enter the number of points earned for each question.
4. Select Next to move to the next student.
For more information, please view the Module 4 “Creating and Scoring an Assignment” ExamView 6.2 Training Video and Quick Step Guide.

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