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Electricity & Electronics, 10th Edition

Electricity & Electronics, 10th Edition
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By: Howard H. Gerrish, William E. Dugger Jr., and Richard M. Roberts

ISBN: 978-1-59070-883-5
Format: Hardcover
Copyright: ©2009
Subject: Electricity / Electronics
Grade Level: 9-14
Retail Price: $99.96
School Price: $74.97


Electricity & Electronics presents solid, up-to-date information on the fundamentals of electricity and electronics. The dual approach of this text teaches principles and theory accompanied by hands-on learning. Text content provides a thorough grounding in electrical principles, circuitry, and components. Additional topics include electronic communication and data systems, such as radio, television, and computers. A full chapter in this edition is devoted to microcontrollers.
  • Experiments are included in numerous chapters with step-by-step instructions.
  • Projects are provided for a number of chapters, and include complete parts lists and schematics.
  • Includes a chapter on career opportunities in electronics.

Previous Edition
Electricity & Electronics, 9th Edition

Table of Contents

  1. Science of Electricity and Electronics
  2. Basic Instruments and Measurements
  3. Introduction to Basic Electrical Circuit Materials
  4. Energy
  5. Sources of Electricity
  6. Series Circuits
  7. Parallel Circuits
  8. Combination Circuits (Series-Parallel)
  9. Magnetism
10. Generators
11. DC Motors
12. Transformers
13. AC Motors
14. Inductance and RL Circuits
15. Capacitance and RC Circuits
16. Tuned Circuits and RCL Networks
17. Introduction to Semiconductors and Power Supplies
18. Tubes, Transistors, and Amplifiers
19. Integrated Circuits
20. Digital Circuits
21. Oscillators
22. AM and FM Radio Communications
23. Television and Video Display Units
24. Fiber Optics and Lasers
25. Introduction to the Personal Computer (PC)
26. Microcontrollers
27. Career Opportunities in Electronics

Look Inside

   sample Chapter 3 (PDF, 804 KB)
   sample Chapter 23 (PDF, 971 KB)
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   sample Front Matter (g-wonlinetextbooks.com, Electricity / Electronics)
   sample Chapter 3 (g-wonlinetextbooks.com, Electricity / Electronics)
   sample Chapter 23 (g-wonlinetextbooks.com, Electricity / Electronics)
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   sample Chapter 23 (PPS, 7.04 MB)
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   PDF Alternating Current (PDF, 270 KB)
   PDF Direct Current (PDF, 269 KB)
Digital Electronics, Grades 9-12
Electronics I & II, Grades 9-12
   PDF Advanced AC and DC Circuits (PDF, 146 KB)
   PDF Foundations of Electronics (PDF, 146 KB)
Communications Electronics, Grades 9-12
Industrial Electronics Technology, Grades 9-12
  Note: Correlation files may not be available for all listed courses.

About Author(s)

Richard M. Roberts - For the past 35 years, Richard Roberts has been designing curriculum, teaching Electricity and Electronics as well as Computer Technology, and supervising technical teachers. Mr. Roberts is an accomplished programmer and computer technician. He has experience as the system administrator for Novell NetWare, Microsoft NT, and IBM Token Ring networking systems. He possesses a Bachelor's degree in Technical Education and a Master's degree in Administration/ Supervision. He also has CompTIA A+, Network+, iNet+, and Security+ certifications and is a certified IT technician, remote desktop support technician, and depot technician.

His computer experiences started as early as 1974 when he began programming and teaching the Motorola 6800, which eventually evolved into the Motorola 68000, once the core processor of the Apple Macintosh computer system. Since then, Mr. Roberts has maintained his teaching status to both instructors and students as the technology has evolved, and he has remained at a state-of-the-art technical level through research, teaching, and applications. He is currently an adjunct instructor at South Florida Community College where he teaches PC repair, A+ Certification, Network Fundamentals, Network+ Certification, and many short workshops in various Microsoft business applications. He authored the textbooks Networking Fundamentals and Computer Service and Repair and coauthored the textbook Electricity and Electronics as well as designed and programmed the accompanying interactive CD-ROM.

In addition to his current position, Mr. Roberts has taught at Erwin Technical Center and Tampa Bay Technical High School, and he has taught adults in the military service. His time is now divided between computer consulting and applications, teaching students and instructors, and writing textbooks and other ancillary instructional materials. Occasionally, he goes fishing, but not too often.

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School PriceOrder Quantity
Text 528 978-1-59070-883-5 $99.96$74.97
Online Text, 1yr. Individual Subscription528 Purchase
Online Text, 6yr. Classroom Subscription (min. 15) 528 978-1-60525-687-0 $99.96$74.97
Bundle (Text + Online Text 6yr. Classroom Subscription, min. 15) 528 978-1-61960-083-6 $132.00$99.00
VitalSource eTextbook Purchase
Bundle (Text + Study Guide + Lab Manual) 978-1-61960-881-8 $148.00$111.00
Study Guide w/Laboratory Activities 368 978-1-59070-884-2 $33.28$24.96
NI Multisim Lab Manual 288 978-1-59070-885-9 $33.28$24.96
* Instructor's Resource CD 978-1-59070-887-3 $248.00$186.00*
* ExamView® Assessment Suite CD 950 test questions 978-1-59070-986-3 $244.00$183.00*
* Instructor's Presentations for PowerPoint® CD, Individual License 1872 slides 978-1-59070-888-0 $240.00$180.00*
* Instructor's Presentations for PowerPoint® CD, Site License 1872 slides 978-1-59070-889-7 $600.00$450.00*
Interactive Software Individual License 978-1-59070-890-3 $66.64$49.98
Interactive Software Site License 978-1-59070-891-0 $199.92$149.94
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